How To Become A Better Exercise Person

October 27, 2015

Grab yourself a gym buddy!

Maybe you have a friend with a similar health and fitness goal? Bringing a friend along for your fitness journey provides great motivation, support and potentially even some friendly competition for you to push yourself.  It is always easier to wake up early to hit the gym knowing a close friend is in the same boat.


Investing in a fitness regime or programme is a fantastic way to make sure you get your money's worth. Whether it be a gym programme or pre-paying for classes or activities in your local area, it's a fantastic incentive to keep you enthusiastic and active. The same applies to gym clothes, treat yourself to some cute gym outfits that you'll be so excited to wear.

There's an app for that!

In the tech savvy world we live in, there is an app for everything, explore the health and fitness section of the app store and browse all the amazing apps.  There are apps for all sorts of exercise enthusiasts whether it is apps for runners, gym workouts, yoga or calorie counting there is an app for any and every stage of your fitness journey.  For all those who thrive on numbers and statistics these apps can help you stay on track whilst starting this new routine.

It's all about that bass!

Create one epic exercise playlist that contains your favourite pump up songs that will keep you motivated.

Ditch the snooze button!

Go to bed early, organise your gym clothes for the following morning and set your alarm.  When your alarm goes off for that 6:00am fitness class you will need to jump out of bed, get dressed and go, no time to think about that extra hours sleep. Make the commitment to yourself to wake up and participate in all those early morning gym classes.  Those who exercise in the morning are most likely to stick to their exercise regime when compared to those who exercise in the afternoon.

Hire a trainer!

Hiring a personal trainer is great for those who don’t know what they are doing.  They can show you around the weights and machines and build a specific program based off your health goals and problem areas. Having someone to teach proper technique and execution is fantastic to help you meet your fitness goals. Once you get the hang of the program you can easily execute it yourself.


Find somebody on social media who's fitness/body image inspires you. Do you want her abs? Her flat tummy? Her perky bum? Follow people who will inspire you and motivate you to work and push yourself everyday.


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