7 Reasons to Start Spring with a Teatox Program

The Winter months may have had us overindulging, but it was ok because our big coats and baggy sweaters hid the damage. But, Winter has FINALLY come to an end and it's time to say goodbye Winter body and hello Summer body! Spring has sprung, but you're feeling sluggish, bloated and in need of a good kickstart. 

The Miss Fit program that includes our 5 time award winning Teatox is the perfect way to give your bad habits the boot and boost your wellbeing. 

Here are 7 reasons our Teatox program will put a spring in your step. 

1. You'll have more energy! 

Having more energy naturally makes you feel motivated and happy. Just one cup of our natural blend of botanicals helps you start the day right. And thanks to our easy to follow meal plans, we've cut out the junk, so there's nothing to slow down your system.

2. It is OH MY GOD delicious!! 

We're not like those other Teatoxes that taste like dishwater and make you gag. So not only does Miss Fit Skinny Tea help you to feel great, it also tastes great! You will be hooked in no time thanks to the refreshing, citrusy taste. 

3. Kick caffeine to the curb!

Miss Fit Skinny Tea is a much healthier alternative to a milky tea or your on the run coffee. So you're drinking a ton of health boosting ingredients AND cutting out the calories that come with sugar and milk. Not only that, but you won't find yourself dunking something round and chocolately into a cup of Miss Fit! 

4. It will help with those sugary cravings!

Thanks to the energising properties of our program, you won't find yourself reaching for a can of fizzy, sugary "energy" in a can. And the great thing about our Teatox is that your cute little infuser is a home for your leaves ALL day, meaning you can reuse them as much as you need to. 

5. Belly Fat Be Gone!

If you're bloated from all the excess in your body, not to mention a build up of toxins, a teatox can help you feel more comfortable. 80% of customer who drank our teatox said they lost inches of their bodies, 74% of those lost more than 4lbs and 84% said Miss Fit Skinny Tea helped them lose weight* 

6. It can help you have a sounder snooze!

Calming chamomile and the lack of caffeine you've had throughout the day will make sure that when your head hits the pillow, you'll sleep soundly through the night, meaning you're refreshed and ready to take on the world every morning. 

7. It can even help give you glowing skin!

Did you know that tea counts as part of your daily water intake?? So if you're not a big lover of H2O, drinking Miss Fit Skinny Tea 4 times a day, has just aded FOUR extra glasses of water to your daily consumption. And we all know what water does right? It'd helps hydrate the skin, so that combined with our powerful blend of antioxidants, you'll be glowing in no time! 
What are you waiting for? Get your teatox on!
*results from a recent survey