Quick & Easy Breakfast Bowl

June 16, 2016


This little bowl of beauty is my absolute favourite for when I’m in a hurry but want a breakfast to keep me going.

The benefit to this breakfast bowl is that I add two squares of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is loaded with benefits such as antioxidants and it’s good for the heart, skin and brain. My problem is that I’m not a big lover of the taste. So adding it to my breakfast bowl is a great way to include it in my diet without the overpowering taste. I use Green & Black’s 70% cocoa.

flaxseed_with_bio_cultures-mr_merxt2f GAB-50000-4

I also add flaxseeds to the mix. My choice of flaxseed would have to be by the Linwoods brand. It contains bio-cultures (for gastro health) and vitamin D (which we ALL need so badly).

Here’s what you’ll need

1/4 tub Greek yogurt

1 kiwi

handful of strawberries

handful of blueberries

1 passionfruit

1/8 cup flaxseeds

2 squares of dark chocolate


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