5 Foods that are making you hungry!!!

November 01, 2016

dreamstime_l_18441374.jpgAre you someone who is constantly hungry? Are you someone who struggles to lose weight? 

The answer could be lying in the foods that you eat. It’s possible that what you’re eating is in fact causing you to overeat. We have listed the top 6 foods that do the opposite of making you full


White Toast

It’s sweet, it’s fluffy, it’s oh so yummy with a big dollop of butter melting into it. But the next time you go to grab a slice from your favourite white pan, remember this… White bread will bring on an appetite attack!!!

White bread is made from a flour that lacking in fibre and bran. This means our bodies will digest the leftover starch really quickly, converting it into sugar.

What happens then? Well blood sugar levels go through the roof and we get a massive surge of insulin into the bloodstream. Our blood sugar levels then plummet and we go to raid the kitchen! Sound familiar??

*tip Try some wholemeal bread with an avocado spread



In the list of foods that want to make us eat more and more, the good old fashioned chip tops the list!!!

Think of two things that send love to our brains and our appetites into overdrive…. Fat and salt! And hey guess what chips are full of? You got it!!

And let’s be honest, chips taste AMAZING so we have a hard time not finishing the entire portion.

*tip Try sweet potato fries, you can make them yourself and season them with your own unique taste – a much healthier option


Wine, beer…. anything alcoholic!

Do you always fancy a chipper after a night out? Or a Chinese while you’re sitting there with a bottle of wine? You’re not alone… Alcohol, as much as we enjoy it, is an appetite stimulant. And because alcohol lowers our inhibitions, we have no problem whatsoever devouring an Eddie Rockets at 3am in the morning!!!

*tip If you’re going to drink, try drinking red wine. It has a high antioxidant level and is great for heart health, but try to limit it to one glass and have several alcohol free nights a week.



Chinese Takeaway

When you look at a Chinese takeaway menu, you think two things… filling and not so bad because there are loads of vegetables in the dishes. But right in the middle of that sweet, spicy, tasty, mouth watering Chinese is a little additive called MSG. This clever additive, which is a flavour enhancer, has been engineered with one thing in mind….. to make us eat more!

*tip Bin the takeaway menus and instead make your own home cooked takeaway. They are so easy to make and you can experiment loads




The Not So Sweet and Innocent Sweeteners

Never EVER ever, let the foods marked “diet” or “low fat” fool you! This is clever marketing, or “smarketing” as I like to call it, to get us consumers to fall into a trap. To replace the fat that is removed, food manufacturers replace it with sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Our tastebuds detect the sweetness from an artificial sweetener and prepare for a sugar rush, that never comes. Our brain is essentially highjacked, thinking it detects sweet food but without the physical sweetness delivery.

So we are left unsatisfied, hungry and craving something sweet that our brain and body expected.

*tip If you have a sweet tooth, opt for fruit or something that is naturally sweetened like honey, pure maple syrup or coconut sugar. Try experimenting with a raw or nut based dessert, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste. 





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