We all know the symptoms, the aching cramps, the mood swings, our cravings go into overdrive. As for eating healthy??? Sorry, do you even understand how we’re feeling? We could eat 6 large pizzas and a tub of ice cream!!!

There is good news though, all you have to do is make some minor adjustments to your eating habits and it means you don’t have to cheat on your healthy eating regime. Here’s how to eat properly during the worst time of your cycle.

Load up on lean protein & fibre

Filling up on lean protein and fibre can help to balance your blood sugar, this will help offset your cravings. This is especially important when cravings hit their peak in the afternoon, so be prepared – try snacking on an apple with a nut butter or rice cakes and cottage cheese. You can also take a Chromium Yeast supplement in the morning that will balance your blood sugar.


Plan how to eat

Another good tip during your period is to break up three meals into smaller portions and eat more frequently. This will also help with cravings and and any nausea or cramping associated with your cycle.


Beat the bloat by sipping and smart snacking

Bloating is a nightmare for us girls and your level of bloat is all about what you put into your body. Bloat can last for days during your period and can leave you feeling horrible. Stay away from sugary, fizzy drinks as they can lead to bad bloating, instead sip on an herbal tea or health-tea that can beat the bloat for you, use a tea with a natural blend preferably containing fennel & chamomile. Only eat foods that are low in salt, stick to whole foods like nuts and grains and steer clear of packaged foods high in sodium.


Iron woman

Many women who are menstruating may lack iron. So be sure to use an iron supplement to replenish your stores. Or you can load up on food rich in iron like spinach, beef, white rice, kidney beans and tomatoes.


Have some caffeine

You may feel lethargic during your period so a cup of coffee with alleviate tiredness and will also help ease cramps. A little more coffee for a few days will actually help you loads.


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