How To Survive The Weekend!

January 13, 2017

At Miss Fit Skinny Tea we understand that life is all about balance and while during the week you want to eat clean, sip on green juice and do burpees, once the weekend comes around, our wants change to eating takeout, sipping on a cocktail and not doing burpees. So we have a little guide to help you get through the weekend without undoing all of your hard work. 

Hangover Help! 

Water! Chill a large bottle of water before you head out, drink as much as you can before you go to bed, this will definitely make waking up the morning after A LOT easier! Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to rehydrate yourself. 

Electrolytes! You'll need to replenish your electrolytes BUT STAY AWAY FROM SUGARY DRINKS!! Instead, have a large banana or coconut water. You can even make your own electrolyte drinks using simple ingredients. 

-1/4 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice
-1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
-1 ½ to 2 cups fresh water, depending on how strong you want the flavor
-1/8 teaspoon of sea salt
-2 tablespoons natural sugar or honey, to taste

Toss everything into a food blender and blend until the honey is dissolved, pour into a tall glass, drop in some ice cubes and drink your hangover away. 

Good Carbs! A big night out with lots of drinks on an empty stomach will cause a drop in blood sugar by the morning. Have some complex carbs first thing in the morning to get your blood sugar levels balanced. Try some wholemeal toast with peanut butter or if you feel up to it, a veggie omelette. 

Vitamin B! Alcohol depletes your Vitamin B levels, so drink Berocca or take a Vitamin B supplement before and after a night out. 

Takeaway Tips for the Weekend!

A takeaway at the weekend isn't the end of the world and certainly won't undo your hard work from the week. But why not make your takeaway option a healthier one. These Miss Fit Takeaway Tips will allow you to enjoy your favourite takeaways minus the guilt. 


EAT: Thai salads, stir fry with ginger, chilli, basil and plenty of vegetables, fish dishes, tom yum or clear broth soups  AVOID: curries, deep fried dishes or starters 


EAT: Sashimi, brown rice sushi, edamame, miso soup, salads AVOID: Tempura dishes, dishes with excessive mayonnaise 


EAT: Tomato based sauces, thin based pizza with plenty of veggies, meat or fish based dishes AVOID: creamy pastas and risottos


EAT: Tomato based curries, Dhal, Rogan Josh, Tandoori AVOID: Fried foods like Pappadums and Naan, and creamy curries


EAT: stir-fries, clear broth soups, steamed fish AVOID: deep-fried foods 


The weekend can be hard, but stay focused and keep your goals in mind. We have a few cheats that will help you stay on track. Stick to lean proteins, lots of veggies, healthy fats and whole grains for a nutrient-rich lunch. 

ASK FOR TABLE WATER sometimes your brain will trick you into feeling hungrier than you actually are due to dehydration. Also, drinking a few glasses before your meal will make you feel fuller (so you don’t run the risk of overeating).

MAKE PROTEIN THE HERO OF YOUR DISH Your lunch should ideally be 80% protein (fish, chicken, beef) and 20% fresh produce (veggies or salad).

SMALLER PLATE Having lunch at home? Have your scrumptious home cooked lunch on a smaller plate to avoid over-eating.


SKIP THE ENTREE BREADBASKET Nothing good ever came from the bread basket filled with white bread and fatty butter.

CHOOSE ENTREE SIZE MAIN MEALS Restaurants are notorious for packing unnecessary portions onto a plate.

ASK FOR DRESSINGS & SAUCES ON THE SIDE This way you can control how much you use – this especially applies to creamy sauces. 

PICK DESSERT OR WINE This is a toughie! 

TAKE YOUR TIME Chewing slowly allows time for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full. 

NIBBLE ON SOMETHING AT HOME Before you head out – going to a restaurant on an empty stomach means you’re more likely to over-indulge.

SWITCH THE BUTTER FOR OLIVE OIL If you’re cooking dinner at home, use olive oil to avoid unnecessary saturated fats in your meal. You should also try to replace carbs like rice or pasta with loads of leafy greens.


Who doesn't feel like dessert at the weekend? And guess what? You deserve it! So here are Miss Fit's tips to having your cake and eating it too! 

Have a SMALLER MEAL to save room for dessert rather than squeezing it in on a full stomach.

Opt for a FRUIT BASED dessert and no we don't mean apple pie! 

SHARING IS CARING half the dessert means half the guilt!


After-work drinks can kick your weekend off to an unhealthy start, setting you up for failure. The combination of alcohol, unhealthy food and minimal sleep isn’t exactly the best formula to start your weekend off with a bang. Make smarter choices (and your body will thank you later) with these tips. 

EAT A BIG HEALTHY LUNCH – Friday isn’t technically the weekend yet so hold off on that cheat meal just a little longer.

PLAN AHEAD – unless there is a meal where you're going, eat something healthy before you leave the office. 

SAY NO TO NIBBLES – canapés and finger foods tend to be high in calories and saturated fats, and can quite easily blow the calorie budget. 

KEEP YOUR HANDS BUSY – it’s much harder to keep picking away at the nibbles if your hands are full! Hold your drink in one hand and your bag in the other to make it more difficult to continue eating.

KEEP HYDRATED – in preparation for a night of drinking, sip water regularly throughout the day and alternate alcoholic drinks with water.

GET TO BED AT A REASONABLE HOUR – don’t waste your weekend feeling tired and awful. Schedule a breakfast date in the morning or a walk with a friend so you have no choice but to get out of bed early.


1. Check the menu online before you go. Have a look and see if there are healthier options available.

2. Don’t drink your calories. Juices, smoothies, and coffees – you want them all! Just pick one drink and choose low fat or dairy free milk.

3. Go easy on the carbs – you don’t need to eat all the bread on your own.

4. Choose a dish that has a combination of protein, carbs and healthy fats.

5. Up the greens – ask for extra vegetables where you can! These will keep you fuller and keep the calories down.

6. Watch portion sizes – more often than not, portion sizes at a café are 2-3 times what you would usually eat at home.

7. Avoid sauces and syrups or ask for them on the side. Hollandaise and maple syrup are the main culprits at breakfast. Ask for these sauces on the side so you can control how much goes on your food.


Make your food plan for the week ahead. Write down your meals, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and if you can, prep one or two meals. 

Take time to reflect over the week just gone. Think of the things that made you happy, who and what you are grateful for, write them in a journal.  List three great things that happened and also the not so great things. Now think of the week ahead, list your goals for the week and schedule some things that make you happy and make a date with yourself to do one thing to pamper yourself. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is key, but don't become obsessed and don't let it take over your life. You are allowed to let your hair down and treat yourself. It's all about balance, moderation and self control. Don't let one bad day ruin your whole week. Every day is a new day and a chance to start over. 





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