Sugar Rush? Tips to help you kick the habit

November 23, 2017

The next time you are in your local supermarket, convenience store and more than likely your office, look around. Today’s food outlets are rife with quick, cheap access to sugar whenever we are craving it – and unfortunately even when we aren’t. Stocked to the brim with sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks and other sweet treats makes it very very easy to make unhealthy impulse choices and very very hard to resist temptation!

In a world saturated in sugar it can seem almost impossible to curb those nagging cravings, even more so when everywhere you look you are surrounded by it. Even after a satisfying meal, sugar cravings can hit you hard. 9 times out of 10 you will actually be eating for pleasure rather than satisfaction, so is there anything we can do to help overcome the habit?

There are some great food choices you can make to give you that sweet sensation you crave so badly without so much of the sweet stuff.


1: Berries

Unlike fruit juices and dried fruit that are high in sugar and low in fibre, whole, fresh fruit like raspberries provides a great source of fibre that allows for the slow-release of the natural sugars. With only 5 grams of sugar per serving they’re also a low sugar fruit, along with blackberries and strawberries.

Handful of berries on a white background


2: Almonds


Packed with heart-healthy fats, almonds can help control blood sugar, keeping intense sugar cravings in check. The healthy fats in nuts keep you feeling satisfied even longer, making it less likely for you to have an energy dip between meals — when sugar cravings are often at their worst.


3: Plain Greek Yogurt

Another cause of intense sugar cravings could be an imbalanced gut microbiome, where the bacteria have adapted to thrive on sugar.  To reset your guts balance of bacteria, choose low sugar greek yogurt that are packed with active probiotics. It’s also rich in protein, keeping you satisfied until your next meal.


4: Celery sticks with peanut butter

The fibre from celery paired with protein & healthy fat from peanut butter is perfect for stable energy. Snacks that are rich in these nutrients are the best way to keep you sustained between meals as they are digested slowly to gradually release energy, making it less likely you’ll hit that slump.


5: Pumpkin Seeds

As well as being a great source of protein, fibre & fat, pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium. Interestingly, if you crave chocolate maybe your body is asking for more magnesium as cocoa is rich in this important mineral. Choose leafy greens and seeds to boost those magnesium levels and keep the chocolate monster at bay.


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