Why I started my business Miss Fit Skinny Tea

January 06, 2018 1 Comment

Hi there!

If you're not following us on social media, you may not know the face behind the brand. So I thought I would take a few moments to introduce myself and tell you why I started my business. 

I am Ruth Hetherington (or Ruthie H, because it's cute), I am 33 years old and 3 years ago I created the brand Miss Fit.

It all started off in my two bedroom apartment in Sandyford, Co. Dublin which I shared with my then fiancé (now husband & business partner). I am a Clinical Nutritionist and prior to dedicating 100% to my business, I worked in sales & key account management with a vitamin & supplement company, combining my two passions - sales & health. My salary was pretty awful and the entrepreneur in me knew I could do better. 

I had seen that "Teatoxes" were becoming quite popular overseas, however they ALL contained laxatives. This got me thinking about my love of nutrition and health and I decided I was going to create my very own Weight Loss & Detox Tea (not a social media Teatox) for the Irish market, seeing as we were and still are rapidly becoming one of the most obese countries in Europe. The difference was, my tea would not contain those disgusting laxatives. 

I set about finding manufacturers, picking what ingredients I wanted and after some months of research, I finally had my own unique blend of a weight loss and detox tea. Everything was falling into place until I got the cost of my first order. Between my crappy salary & South Dublin rent, there was no way I was going to be able to afford it. I saw the ads on TV for business loans from the banks, so naturally I thought I had to do that. They didn't even open my 20+ page business plan because I didn't have a 30% deposit. But the little entrepreneur popped up again and before I knew it, I was selling loom bands to kids in a park in Dublin every weekend. Haha bank, I got my own seed capital!! I had made enough to secure my first order of 350 packets of Miss Fit Skinny Tea. The order arrived mid December and the day before Christmas Eve, I had secured my first retail order of 300 units!!! I was almost sold out straight away! Needless to say, January 2015 was insane!!!! 

By April, Miss Fit Skinny Tea was stocked in almost every pharmacy group in Ireland, we were selling out online and by July I had to give up my job. I was getting hundreds of emails from people telling me how Miss Fit Skinny Tea changed their life!!! How they got their confidence back from using it. My product was really working. I had created an aid to help people who were struggling to lose weight, lose weight. 

I knew that I couldn't stop here, I was doing what I always wanted to do. Help people with their health goals. 

Every week on social media, I saw a new tan or a new makeup palette or fashion items coming on to the market, but who was focusing on people from the inside? When people are waking up everyday, feeling like SH*T, lethargic, tired, run down, anxious, depressed.... who is telling them what they could add to their daily habits to help them to feel better???  It was then I knew that we were definitely not a Teatox or a brand you see being promoted on instagram by famous celebs! Miss Fit is a health brand! Miss Fit is a supplement brand! Miss Fit gives a SHI*T that YOU feel like SH*T!!!!! 

So, I decided to create my own range of supplements and in October 2016, I launched my very own Vitamin D supplement. The reason for this... well almost every single person, including you, your mum, your sister, your bestie is most likely lacking in Vitamin D. But I bet you didn't know that because it's not something that's really talked about. You don't walk into a pharmacy or health store and a box of vitamins catches your attention and to be fair why would it when every packet looks the same, boring and clinical and like something you'd find in your gran's press. Hardly anyone in my age group or between the ages of 18-35 and even beyond that, realise that they need to supplement. We should be taking preventative measures to better our health. We don't think about in our 20s/30s. 

I wanted to do things differently to get my message out there. Our Vitamin D is called The D, simply because you need "the d" and you're not getting it. It comes in a pretty pink box and you are immediately drawn to it. The best part is, it is one of THE BEST Vitamin D's on the market, because when I make my products, I genuinely care! (I will go into more details on ingredients in another post). It has exactly what you need in terms of dosage and absorbency, so you're getting the absolute best. 

That brings us to product number 3 - Crave! I came across a lot of people who were doing everything right in their diet, but the one thing that got them was cravings! Be it for something sugary or something carby, it was a huge obstacle for a lot of people. What's the point in working hard with your eating and exercise habits, to come home in the evening and devour a box of donuts? Leaving that aside, the importance of controlling your blood sugar is something that a lot of us don't realise. In fact, a lot of us don't even realise that the energy slump we get throughout the day, the irritability, the difficulty concentrating and of course the ADDICTION to something sweet, is all caused by poor blood sugar control. Ruthie H had to fix that! So I created a high grade, highly effective & absorbable Chromium Yeast & Ceylon Cinnamon supplement. I am delighted to say that Crave was extremely well received and sold out of pharmacies in days!!! 

The bottom line is this, health & nutrition are my passion, helping others to feel good is my passion. My passion is you! I want to continue to make products that truly work for you. I want to get the message out there that it's not just about how we look on the outside, we need to take care of ourselves from the inside out. My mission is to make each and every one of you feel great everyday. The truth is, we don't get enough of what our bodies need from diet alone, that's why supplements exist. But a GOOD supplement is vital, otherwise you are wasting money. I can 100% put my hand on my heart when I say, any product I create, is created with the BEST ingredients possible. You can buy Chromium for little or nothing in stores, but is it Chromium Yeast? And do you know the difference? That's where Miss Fit will always stand out. 

I often see comments on social media where people will say, eat less and move more, you don't need a tea or you don't need a supplement. If it were that black & white, there would be no obesity, no type 2 diabetes, less heart disease!!! Supplementation is an AID to help you achieve optimum health. Our tea is an AID to weight loss, just like protein is used by gym goers to aid muscle building. 

Since starting my business two and half years ago, my products have won 5 awards!!! They have gotten me on TV, on national radio and in my first year I am proud to say I turned over €1 million in sales! So leaving aside the health side of this story, I hope you can take some inspiration from it too. I started literally from the bottom, by myself, in a job I hated. The Miss Fit team now consists of 7 people, a warehouse, a distribution team, 3 products on the market and an endless amount more to come.  I also have the best husband I could ask for by my side, his support has been everything to me.

Now I want the Miss Fit Family to grow! And I want you all to be part of it. Miss Fit is here to change the way we look at supplements! 

You can check out Miss Fit Skinny Tea here: https://www.missfitskinnytea.com/collections/miss-fit-skinny-tea

Crave here: https://www.missfitskinnytea.com/collections/crave-by-miss-fit-skinny-tea

The D here: https://www.missfitskinnytea.com/collections/the-d-by-miss-fit-skinny-tea

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. 

Lots of Love,

Ruthie H x

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Martina scanlon
Martina scanlon

July 20, 2017

Your products are very gud tried the crave second week no chocolate and i love the tea

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