Why I'll be eating nothing but POTATOES for the next 7 days!!!

Why I'll be eating nothing but potatoes for the next 7 days!!!
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My clean eating diet has gone out the window over the last couple of weeks to months. Between a hectic workload, being stressed and being on the go a lot, I've been turning to the more convenient, lazy way to eat. The result, my energy levels are down, my skin has broken out, I've put on weight and I've had enough so I'm doing something to kickstart my weight loss, while boosting my prebiotic intake & gut health through consuming resistant starch, which is found in potatoes. The prebiotics found in resistant starch will feed and nourish the probiotics in my body, which will in turn improve my skin, digestion and immune system. I am also guaranteed to lose a few pounds in the process! The potato diet is a short term intervention and should only be done for 5-7 days.
So what will it involve?
Each day I will eat between 3 and 5lbs of potatoes, or enough until I'm full. This can be variated between baby potatoes, baked potatoes, any type of potato. Just not the long skinny kind from your nearest McDonalds!! The only drinks I will have will be water and Miss Fit Skinny Tea as this will help with bloating, fat burning and boosting my metabolism even more.
You can eat as many potatoes as you like until you feel full.
I know what you're thinking... hmm refined carbs for weight loss and health???
Well here's the good news, resistant starch found in potatoes is not digested, instead your gut bacteria processes it.

The only downside is that you can't add anything such a butter, cream or milk to your potatoes. If you really want to benefit from this, it is an extremely strict and bland process. However, you can add hot sauce as it doesn't contain calories or sugars and I've been adding chives and paprika to my potatoes.

At the start of the week, you should cook a batch of potatoes so they are ready for the week. The potatoes must be cooled down before you can eat them, that's where the magic happens and resistant starch is made.
A healthy gut means a healthy you
For 7 days, I will be feeding my gut to make it healthier.
A imbalance in your gut flora can lead to obesity, anxiety, depression, IBS, autism, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, so your gut will thank you for the super goodness you'll have given it.
The Weight Loss Factor
Because potatoes have such a high satiety level, you will feel fuller for longer, meaning you're consuming less calories and because you're not actually digesting the starch, your blood sugar won't drop and spike, meaning you shouldn't have sugar cravings. I will be making sure to take Crave by Miss Fit Supplements everyday though, just to make sure I have extra protection against any cravings I might get.
You are also restricting other food items from your diet, so this will in turn help you shed some weight.

As mentioned earlier, this is just a short term intervention. Long term it's not sustainable as you would be missing out on nutrients and protein. But it is a great way to slowly change up your diet and help you take the first step to clean eating.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next 7 days bring and I'll be sure to keep you updated on my honest thoughts and progress.
Wish me luck!!
Ruthie H x

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