Why you need The D!

Girl, you need the D!! In fact, probably more than you realise. Having a regular, decent quantity and not to mention quality D can enrich a girls life in so many different ways you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Vitamin D that is, what did you think I meant? So if I asked you how many benefits Vitamin D carries, how many could you list? 5, 10? ‘Not that many surely?’ I hear you ask yourself.

How about 20?

1: Bone Health

2: Muscle Strength

3: Muscle Power

4: Lean Body Mass

5: Treatment of skin disorders

6: Blood sugar regulation and insulin resistance

7: Preventing Multiple Sclerosis

8: Asthma Treatment

9: Cardiovascular Health

10: Brain Health

11: Foetal Brain Development

12: Female Reproductive Health

13: Treatment of Depression, anxiety and other brain disorders

14: Immune Function

15: Kidney Health

16: Treatment of Hypertension & Metabolic diseases.

17: Prevention of obesity

18: Prevention of Parkinsons disease

19: Treatment of autoimmune conditions

20: Prevention of infections


These are all facts ladies. Another fact is that most of us are deficient in Vitamin D, and the only way to make sure we combat this is by supplementing. We get most of our vitamin D from the sun and well let’s face it, we’re pretty deficient in that department too. As is the case with everything, not all Vitamin D supplements are created equal either. The D by Miss Fit Supplements is one of the highest doses available to buy, coming in at 3000 IU’s. As it’s also a vitamin that needs a fat to be absorbed, The D by Miss Fit Supplements is made in Olive Oil, making sure you absorb all that wonderful goodness and start feeling better from the inside out.

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Treat yourself to the D girl, your body will thank you for it!


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