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To lose weight you need to eat less food and burn more calories.

Seems easy right? But reducing your food intake.... That's not easy! 

But now it will be because Miss Fit Skinny Tea MAX stops you feeling hungry!!! It's the miracle you've been wishing for!

Now you can eat less food but you won't feel like you're starving.

That's because we've added two EFSA approved, scientifically proven weight loss ingredients. 

Aside from that it will help you burn fat so fast and it does all that while detoxing your body and getting rid of bloating. 

It tastes amazing and is totally safe to use. You can probably already tell we're not like the others. We don't use laxatives and you are guaranteed results in as little a 4 days!!! 

And just when you think it can't get any better, Miss Fit Skinny Tea MAX comes in the cutest little silk pyramid tea bags, so no infusing and no hassle. 

Plus you get not one, but 5 FREE Ebooks written by Ruth to help you live your best life. 

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