About Miss Fit Supplements

Miss Fit Supplements is a health, wellness & weight loss company striving to promote a healthy lifestyle through the use of supplements. All of the products in the Miss Fit range have been created by Ruthie H, a Clinical Nutritionist who is passionate about your health & wellness. A healthy lifestyle is a choice and one we are here to help you make. We already take care of ourselves on the outside, but how we look after our insides is even more important. That's why the Miss Fit products are exactly what you need to live a healthier life and protect yourself from the inside out.

Here's what we don't do 

We don't throw random herbs into a tea along with a laxative, pay thousands to a reality TV star to hold in a bikini and pose on instagram. And we don't white label any old vitamin or supplement and stick on our name on them.

But this is what we DO do 

We make our products from scratch based on nutritional & scientific research. We use only the best ingredients and the best formulations so that you are guaranteed to feel the benefits. Our factories are GMP certified and because we do what we do so well, we've won FIVE AWARDS in 2 years (we think that's a pretty big deal) and have sold to over 500,000 customers, not to mention that you will find our products in all major retailers in Ireland and The UK!!! 
And that is why a product from Miss Fit is the best choice for you.