The Perfect Partner To Your 14 Day Teatox... “You Need The D!”

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The Most Important Nutrient You Can Give Your Body!

Why This Matters...

Did you know the majority of people in Ireland & the UK are Vitamin D deficient and chances are you're one of them!   

We pioneered the multi-award winning Miss Fit Skinny Tea, so we know what women need to add to their daily routine to be happy, fit, and healthy. That’s exactly why we created the D; to help with all three.

Getting a good dose of The D can help boost immunity and strengthen teeth and bones, while keeping disease at bay. The D can also have a positive effect on your mood, especially during Winter months.

The D by Miss Fit Skinny Tea is the best Vitamin D on the market thanks to it's super high strength and because we have made our Vitamin D in cold pressed olive oil, it means it's the most absorbable one too.

Value At €49.95

Now Only: €14.95 When Added To Your 
Current Order!