• Miss Fit 28 Day Slimming Coffee
  • Miss Fit 28 Day Slimming Coffee

Miss Fit 28 Day Slimming Coffee

The worlds first scientifically proven fat burning Instant Premium Coffee is here!

The makers of the 5 time award winning Miss Fit Skinny Tea bring you our brand new, great tasting, instant slimming coffee. 

It couldn't be easier to lose weight & slim down! All you need is hot water, a mug and our delicious fat burning slimming coffee! 

Expertly formulated to burn fat, boost metabolism and keep you feeling fuller for longer, while filling you with energy & antioxidants throughout the day.  

Our slimming coffee is your solution to simple, fast, effective weight loss & it tastes delicious! It's all natural, so there's no nasty side effects. 

How to Use:

It's so simple - no need for a coffee press or filters, just add 1 teaspoon of coffee to hot water and sip your way to slim!

Drink twice daily. 

We don't recommend using milk or sugar, in fact we've taken care of that for you but you can add your favourite nut milk. 

BONUS: Free Ultimate Weight Loss Bible included in every box! Includes, shopping lists, meal plans, recipes & simple at home workouts. 


Instant Coffee


Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Tea Polyphenols

Non-Dairy Creamer

*contains caffeine (68mg)


WHERE DO YOU SHIP FROM? We are an Irish company and we ship from Dublin, Ireland.


Ireland 1-2 Days

UK 5-7 Days

Rest of the world 1-2 Weeks

WHAT RESULTS SHOULD I EXPECT? As everyone's bodies & metabolisms are different, everyone will get different results, however, you should expect to drop lbs & inches in just a few short weeks. 

DOES YOUR COFFEE INTERFERE WITH THE PILL OR DOES IT CONTAIN LAXATIVES? It doesn't contain any laxatives and does not interfere with the pill.

DO YOU SHIP WORLDWIDE? We offer worldwide shipping on this product.

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