The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle

Miss Fit Skinny Tea

Do you Yoyo Diet?

Do you struggle with Sugar Cravings?

Are you sick and tired of failing to lose weight? 


Introducing The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle by Miss Fit Supplements!

It has everything you need to lose weight, stay on track and keep the weight off. Our bundle is like your own personal support system containing our super powerful:

  • 5 time award winning Miss Fit Skinny Tea & infuser
  • 60 day supply of Crave (to keep your sweet tooth at bay)
  • Our Cute Miss Fit measuring tape 
  • Our amazing 24 page Ultimate Weight Loss Guide with fat blasting meals, recipes, shopping lists & workouts. It even has a goals section so you can stay motivated and stay on track.  

The Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle is exactly what you need to help you overcome the obstacles you might face when trying to lose weight, such as

  • Not knowing what to drink throughout the day. Miss Fit Skinny Tea's got you covered. It's one of the only LAXATIVE FREE detox teas in the world and truly works. 
  • Curbing your sweet tooth. (One of the BIGGEST reasons you can't lose weight is that you can't stop picking) You take back control of your eating habits!
  • Helping you to understand what to eat (There's so much info out there, we've made it super simple in our Ultimate Weight Loss Guide)
  • Not knowing what exercises to do (Yup, we've even planned out your exercises into simple easy to follow circuits)

It's your new best friend and we will guarantee that you'll be shedding pounds & feeling like a new woman in as little as 14 days.

So whether it's baby weight, a lot of weight or just a few lbs, our Ultimate Weight Loss Bundle's got you covered.  

Here's what Aoife Butler had to say, with some before & after pics:

 Miss Fit Skinny Tea Results

"....Couldn't have done it without of the help of the Miss Fit program! Any time I fall off the wagon or just want a bit of a detox it's always my go too"

Get started today, the tomorrow you will thank you for it.



WHERE DO YOU SHIP FROM? We are an Irish company and we ship from Dublin, Ireland.

HOW LONG DOES SHIPPING TAKE? Shipping is generally next day in Ireland, 2-4 days for UK and up to a week for anywhere else in the world.

WHAT RESULTS SHOULD I EXPECT? The first thing you'll notice is, you won't want to eat those sugary snacks you've been devouring. Your clothes will then be noticeably looser and your friends will comment on how amazing you look in a matter of a few short weeks. 

DOES YOUR TEA INTERFERE WITH THE PILL OR DOES IT CONTAIN LAXATIVES? It doesn't contain any laxatives and does not interfere with the pill.

DO YOU SHIP WORLDWIDE? We offer free worldwide shipping on this product.


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